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February 15, 2024: I’ve just received the first copies of my two new illustrated children’s books and I couldn’t be happier with the print quality. The Magician’s Garden and SuperGum! are now available in paperback (on Amazon) and deluxe hardcover editions (via Barnes & Noble and other Ingram book sellers). A special shout-out to the German buyer who was the very first person to purchase a deluxe hardcover edition of SuperGum! — I worked really hard on those illustrations and they look so good in Ingram’s “premium color.” Here’s a fun little Easter Egg from that book:

That barcode is from the very first retail product ever to be barcoded.
Hint: It’s gum-related.

Get SuperGum! in color paperback (US$9.95) or hardcover Deluxe Edition.

The Magician’s Garden is available as a premium color paperback for US$15.95 on Amazon.com or as a hardcover Deluxe Edition for US$24.95.

The Magician's Garden - front cover

January 5, 2024: Mouse & Bee Deluxe Edition is now available in hardcover with full-colour illustrations. $22.95 on Amazon.com

Haven hit #5 in Ingram’s bestsellers list in the Fiction / Science Fiction Time Travel category on December 21. Helios is at #9 in the same category.

Helix / Haven / Helios (Amazon edition)

December 7, 2023: A huge thank-you to all the wonderful people in the UK, Germany and elsewhere who have been buyers of my books this week. Thanks to you, TCO is now #2 in its category (Young Adult Fiction > Art) on the Ingram Books bestsellers list, and HAVEN is #7 (up from #11 last week) on Ingram’s Sci-fi > Time Travel bestsellers list.

Here are some images from the three-part graphical extravaganza that is “The Man Who Stole The World.”
Part 1:

Image from part 1

Part 3:

Part three, which won io9’s “finish the story” contest, is now available on Amazon for $2.99 (or free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers). The spectacular graphics are by Framestore, best known for their work on the Harry Potter movies, Batman The Dark Knight, Avatar, Paddington 2, Blade Runner 2049 and many other top-tier movies. Here are the free links. Enjoy, then be sure to grab part 3 to read the exciting conclusion of this beautifully illustrated story!

December 3, 2023: I’m excited to announce the availability of the deluxe colour limited edition of TCO, the first book in my series of Artworld Mysteries.

If you’ve ever heard of Banksy, you’ll enjoy this mystery/thriller about a famously anonymous street artist. With more twenty all-original illustrations by the author, it’s currently available in color exclusively at Amazon.com in paperback for US$14.95 / C$19.95. Get it in color while you can.

Also available now: my not-necessarily-a-children’s-story entitled Mouse & Bee falls somewhere between Monty Python and Winnie-the-pooh. If you’ve ever been on a silly quest, you’ll enjoy this tale of their marvelous adventure to find the elusive cheese trees. It tests well with ages 8 to 88. Only US$8.95 / C$11.95.

November 25, 2023: I just received the first printed copies of Helix, Haven and Helios today and I couldn’t be happier with the production and print quality! The cover looks amazing on gloss cover stock and the illustrations throughout the books are just as beautiful as I’d hoped they would be. I’m looking forward to seeing the full-colour illustrations in the deluxe (US$14.95) edition of TCO, which is being printed now. Order the full-colour edition from Amazon. Speaking of price, the Amazon Kindle and ebook editions of all four titles are only $2.99 US each for a limited time.