Four new novels now available from Graeme Bennett

If you enjoy a good mystery, check out TCO. Or, if time-travel adventures are your thing, you’ll enjoy Helix, Haven and Helios.


In this exciting sci-fi series, you’ll meet the first people to jump forward
in time, when there’s no going back. Discover how a secret experiment
in 1947 leads to contact with researchers from the 25th century.

Book One: HELIX

The idea that time “is like space” guides a team of researchers to a breakthrough reinterpretation of Einstein’s famous space-time theory, unlocking the secret of time travel, but in the forward direction only.

Book 2: HAVEN

The radicalized son of an ousted CEO and a brilliant programmer develop a device capable of communicating with the future. But when a message arrives warning of the Omega Event, it’s the end of time at the last frontier.

Book 3: HELIOS

Welcome to Seahaven, where someone has stolen the world’s most valuable intellectual property: a top-secret device capable of communicating with the future—at least until an unprecedented solar storm interferes.

The Artworld Mystery Series

If you enjoy a good mystery, check out TCO, the first title in this series.
It’s about the UK’s most famously anonymous street artist, a Banksy-like character known only as TCO. Available in paperback, deluxe colour paperback and ebook formats with illustrations by the author.

Coming soon:

  • Madder Lake: An Artworld Mystery
  • The Provenance of Stellengard. An Artworld Mystery

Read the exciting three-part story:
“The Man Who Stole The World”

About the author

Graeme Bennett

Writer, editor, illustrator

Graeme Bennett is a professional writer, editor and illustrator best known as the senior editor at The Computer Paper and as the editor-in-chief of PC Buyer’s Guide and Computer Tracker magazines. As one of Canada’s best-known tech experts, Graeme has been featured many times on national TV and radio programs and at major tradeshow events.

In addition to interviewing such industry luminaries as authors Ray Bradbury, Nicholas Negroponte and Kevin Kelly and stop-motion animation icon Ray Harryhausen, Graeme was also a featured guest speaker at the WRITE conference and appeared on the “Crystal Ball” panel with Paul Saffo of the Institute for the Future.

Graeme has written and published several novels in the science fiction and mystery genres—and a few children’s stories, too.

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“The Man Who Stole The World”
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